Paperless transfer domain – really comfortable!

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Unlike domain zones com, net, etc., where the domain transfer is done in a few minutes, the zone RU working on more complex rules. The classical method of changing the administrator is that you need to send at a notarized letter from the registrar. Complexity is twofold: 1) to seek a notary and pay for this procedure; 2) wait for it to still reach the office of the Registrar and will be processed. Well, if you have an office located in the city – you can personally to deliver a statement. Otherwise mail can give you quite not the most pleasant surprise – I once waited renewal of a domain for more than two weeks! Fortunately, there is a solution.

The article about domain registrars with whom I work have and, allowing transfer RU domains under the simplified scheme. Exact nuances with I do not remember (this is a topic for another post), but with had recently worked. They have a so-called paperless transfer domains. The algorithm of this procedure easier than ever:

Conclude special agreements with
Send a request to change the administrator.
The receiving party confirms the application.

Consider each item detail …

1. Enter into a contract (agreement) to paperless transfer domains in two ways:

Send by mail contract in duplicate, attaching a copy of your passport (For individuals). In addition, you must also add the completed application with a notarized signature.
Personally bring the contract in duplicate + bring your passport. Download the agreement (contract) + application for a notarized signature can be here. In the first option, of course, have some work to do, but on the other hand it must be done will be only once. In the second the whole process takes a few minutes. Fortunately offices are not only in 29 cities of Russia, but also in Kiev. You will need to specify the address of the office on the site and do not forget to bring your passport. In the office, you will be a statement, check the data and make the scan passports. Further documents will be sent to the central office.

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Is it true that in some registrars have paperless renewal RU, SU, RF domain?

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2 ways -‘s passport
If the buyer and seller have a personal certificate in WebMoney, and accounts for Webnames confirmed by WMID, it is possible to transfer the domain through a simplified online scheme. To do this, the seller must go to “My Account” – “My Domains and Services” – “Domain Management” – “Select the transmitted domain” – “Change domain owner and administrator” – “Specify the data receiving party.” Transfer and renewal of the domain will be online as usual push.

5) – Reggi
A simplified scheme is. Seller, you must first write request , ask to send the contract form for an online transfer domains. The contract need to complete, sign and send a notary registrar. After that, you can transfer the domain shove from his panel at the registrar.

After receiving the registrar of the original application for renewal of a paperless, enough to write the seller through email, which established the order for the transfer of the domain such and such a person. The Registrar will send an SMS with a confirmation code that you need to send the seller a response by email. So it will be completed created order.

6) Mastername

Domains can be reissued by e-application from the Control Panel on the basis of previously executed Trust employee mastername. More details on the link (select “transfer a domain email application”)

7) Netfox

Having once authorization for 3 years, the user can transfer to the new domain administrator through service “Paperless change administrator.”
8) Naunet

Get the application form paperless renewal domain is available upon request contact with email account in naunet. The request should be reported as the number of contract with naunet. The application must be made in the registrar’s office or signature on it must be notarized. After receiving and processing the application the Registrar an opportunity to generate their own application to change the domain administrator in the service management system in naunet.